Senegal Poem – SBC4

Safe place Extraordinary weather Nice people Exuberant city that never goes to sleep Great places for tourism Awesome and delicious food Lovely beachesépendance.jpg   Works Cited mostroneddo. Dakar-Indépendance. Flickr, 25 September 2006,épendance.jpg.

Drowning Story – SBC 3

      Works Cited “Sea Kayak.” Wikimedia, 26 May 2007, “Niagara Falls – US Side.” Wikimedia, 27 June 2007, “Drowning, Ocean, Emergency, Safety.” Pixabay, Feb. 2017, Field, Matthew. “LAPD Bell 206 Jetranger.” Wikimedia, 20 Oct. 2006, Windham, Jacob. “ER Room after a Trauma.” Wikimedia, 6 Jan. 2005,      

Unlucky Island – SBC 3 This is a beautiful island resort called Zeera and it is located next to Hawaii but it is extremely far from other islands, so it basically has no surroundings. Planes fly to Zeera once every 6 weeks and their is no  electricity in Zeera, so if anything bad ever happens they won’t be able […]


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