Unlucky Island – SBC 3


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This is a beautiful island resort called Zeera and it is located next to Hawaii but it is extremely far from other islands, so it basically has no surroundings. Planes fly to Zeera once every 6 weeks and their is no  electricity in Zeera, so if anything bad ever happens they won’t be able to contact other people and no one will ever know about it. Yesterday Jack and Zack arrived to the island and they are currently the only inhabitants, some more people are coming in à week. Zack and Jack are 13 and they are very adventurous and independent people but if something bad ever happens they will have à hard time surviving because of their lack of experience. Today when they woke up in the morning they saw à huge tsunami which was about 100 meters high that was about 10 kilometers far from them and that was coming very slowly but it was definitely coming their way. Their is no way for them to contact anyone, so they will have to find à way to survive by themselves. What should they do to survive?

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