What I do after school- SBC 5

Once the school bell has gone, I feel free and released because I can now do whatever I want( Not really). I usually look for my friends and I talk to them for a while and we usually go to the school restaurant to eat and talk. We talk about all sorts of things and we are always making each other laugh. Then after a certain time, some of my friends have to go and I bring them to the gate. Then, I go to the basketball court and I look around and I see if I can play with anyone or join a game. I usually join a game and I play for about 30 minutes or sometimes I leave earlier. After I have finished playing basketball, I look at the soccer field to see if anyone has a ball and if someone has a ball I go play soccer with them because soccer is my favorite sport. If their’s no soccer ball, I just sit down and wait on the benches and talk to some parents until my driver comes to pick me up. I usually leave school at 6 p.m . Usually, I just play sports after school, I eat and talk with my friends but after school I’m very active.


File:Orange juice 1.jpg


File:Soccer ball.svg



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  1. Dear Felix-Patrick,
    This is very similar to what I do after school. I am on a basketball team for my school but my favorite sport is soccer. I recently competed in the Student Blogging Challenge for Week 8 and came across your blog. I read a lot of your blogs and really liked them so I shouted you out on my blog. Come check it out http://sfmil.edublogs.org/

  2. Dear Fp,

    I have chosen your post for Week 8 Activity. Your post is very interesting.
    Please check my blog at the following link for further details:

    Best Regards,

  3. Hi Fp! My name is Ellie. I really enjoyed your post! I thought it is neat that your school has a restaurant! Mine does not. I like soccer a lot too! Who is your favorite team? Please visit my blog https://elbow92d.edublogs.org/ . Bye! – Ellie

  4. Hey FP,
    You great post here and your time after school sounds very fun. I can see that you love playing sports but which sport would you say is your favorite after Football(soccer)?
    Sincerely Tahiry

  5. Hi FP,

    Since we are in the same school, there are a lot of things we do in common. We both go to the school restaurant or play soccer/basketball after school. The only difference is that I leave one hour after the end of school, which is 4:20 PM. Why do you stay so late? Can your driver only come at 6 PM, or is it a personal choice. I’d be interested in knowing your reasons.

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